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Douglas Kenney died that same year, but Ramis went on to do such movies as Ghostbusters and others.

  • He is so enraptured by the sight of the sensuous Mandy that he and the ladder topple backwards, with Bluto landing painfully on his back.

  • But the entire crew was leering over the windshield discussing how each one of them liked that particular motion.

  • An attractive, blonde patient in her underwear then tells Otter she's ready for her examination.

Originally, Chevy Chase was to play Otter, Bill Murray as Boone, Brian Doyle-Murray as Hoover, and Dan Aykroyd as D-Day.

  • Belushi and his wife Judy rented a house in south Eugene in order to keep him away from alcohol and drugs; she remained in Oregon while he commuted to for Saturday Night Live.

  • The Deltas all fail and their averages drop so low that Wormer tells them he needs only one more incident to revoke their charter.

  • Talking about the scene at Dexter Lake Club, when the Delta brothers walk into a bar with an all-black clientele, Matheson revealed that the studio was initially concerned about it being racist.